Karen WinstonWelcome to my site.  One thing you should know right up front.  I am passionate about healing America.  Whether it’s through communicating on patient empowerment, healthy living and disease prevention or working on projects that promote and advocate education and innovation in the life sciences and advanced technologies, I believe we can and must improve the health and prosperity of Americans.

I’m also the author of HIYA:  Patient Advocacy was Her Calling and Salvation

Karen Winston Karen is a new and enthusiastic author.  She has held a variety of positions as well as having her own business utilizing her writing, marketing and public relations skills for more than twenty-five years.  During her career, Karen has followed her passion for health and wellness, by serving as marketing director for Jimbo’s…Naturally! and earning a certificate in clinical nutrition from the Natural Healing Institute. Karen currently serves as vice president of programs for CONNECT, an internationally recognized non-profit, business accelerator for early stage technology and life sciences companies. With an overall mission to assist entrepreneurs in achieving commercial success and to stimulate youth education in the sciences, technology, engineering and math disciplines, Karen works with the CONNECT team in building strategic partnerships; collaborating with industry, community leaders, other non-profits and research institutions, and in advocating for innovative funding and production models to improve both the regional and U.S. innovation economies. Karen earned a B.A. in communications/sociology and a minor in French Literature from UC San Diego.


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