Karen Winston

Welcome to my site! With the handle: Quality of Life Advocate, you might imagine that I’m all about health and wellness and/or that I have a public policy focus and you would be 50% correct. This was actually 100% true when this website first launched in 2006. At that time, my first book, with a focus on healthcare, had just been independently published, HIYA: Patient Advocacy was Her Calling and Salvation, and I was leaving a marketing director role with a natural food store chain.

Life took an unexpected turn (doesn’t it always?!) and I accepted a new adventure in the exciting and growing innovation community of San Diego, CA. For almost eight years, I was immersed in business education of brilliant entrepreneurs who were creating amazing products and services in high technology, software, and biotech. And, Quality of Life took on a whole new meaning for me.  While my passion for wellness and disease prevention remains strong, I developed a passion for creating one’s passion, thru the eyes of an entrepreneur. To advocate for a new disruptive technology or service; to build partnership for go-to-market strategies, and to scale and become sustainable. These activities now also fuel me and enrich my quality of life.

As I like to say, I finally caught the “startup bug.” For the last couple of years, I have been working in business development and partnership building for a Software as a Service (SaaS) innovation company focused on creating data services for foundations, nonprofits and the government to be able to better measure the social condition and progress.

Life will continue to evolve and I can now see how my two passions: health/wellness and tech innovation, may soon someday intersect. Until then, this site is my outlet for both!

I write to share with others. If something I wrote interests you or you have something to add, please contribute. Let’s start a discussion. Thank you!